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Hi, I am Pieta

I live in Townsville, North Queensland, Australia. A pretty hot place at times, but love the lifestyle and the weather.  I am married to 'Jamesie'  and we are owned by Scottish Terriers who we breed, show and love. You can see more about them here.

I love my dogs - I love showing them - I love scrap-booking as a leisure activity - and I wanted a way to display my ribbons.   So I decided to use my love of scrap booking to display my ribbons. Initially did this for myself and called them my brag walls!  Then people started to like them and want them, so I have now started this as a little sideline.

I don't just do dog show ribbons.  If you want your horse, cat, guinea pig, or chook ribbons displayed, I am happy to do all sorts! I can do frames of special moments, highlights or milestones and some memorabilia.  I have even done hubbies sports medals.


I can do variations on the style in the frame and they don't have to be ribbon displays. If you want something specific let me know and I will see if I can do it. But they will be different, unique, one off pieces.



With or without frame

A scrap-booked page or a simpler version, in a frame with your own choice of photo or event. Comes with name bar and 4 ribbon bars. The  brag wall can be varied - if you don't want a name bar - or you can just have the frame with no name bar or ribbon bars. Just let me know what you would like. I can give you a price.

With Name and Ribbon bars from  AUD $75.00

Name bar Without frame

AUD $35.00


Can capture that special ribbon, rosette, moment or occasion, milestone or any achievements including sporting medals.

I can do certain memorabilia if I can fit it in a ready made frame.


Let me know what you want I will give you a price!!

LOVE MY ....

Choose your love, choose your colour/s and frame size.  


from AUD $35.00 - dependent on frame size (from 5 x 7)

Make good gifts!

Items that don't fit into the other categories - would make good gifts!

Personalised items, milestone birthday frames.  I will add new things as I make them.  If there is anything you think I might be able to make feel free to ask and will see what I can do !

Ask me for a price!

A few things to note: 
  • Postage is extra
  • I am not a framer.  These items are put into ready made frames.  Small fluctuation in price is usually reflected by the cost of frames.  I get them in sales when I can.  But some frame shapes are just more expensive than others!
  • I also cannot do these on very short notice.  If you would like one by a certain date please allow for that !!


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